Product Range

 Sl No 
 Ratings KVA 
 High Voltage 
 Low Voltage 
Conventional Transformers
3 Phase Aluminium wound Transformers (with or without taps)  25 to 500   11000V   433V 
3 Phase Copper wound Transformers  upto 750  11000V   433V 
Four & Five Star rated transformers  upto 500   11000V   433V 
Special Transformers
Single Phase Neutral grounding Transformers  Upto 50   4000V  400V 
Booster Transformers  Upto 2400   13200V   11000V 
Special Design Transformers
(As per requirements)

  • Design conform to Indian Standards specification
  • The transformers are provided with standard accessories
  • Special accessories can be provided on request.

Special Features of kavika Transformers

  • Vacuum chamber is used in the process of drying the active parts, which helps to maintain very high insulation resistance (minimum of 1000 Mohms at 90o C) is maintained.
  • Good quality lamination of cruciform core from the heart of the transformer.
  • Electrolytic Conductor grade conductors of proper tensile strength are used. Because of the sufficient tensile strength on the conductors, windings are wound with tension.
  • Multipaper covered copper conductor leads of sufficient cross section are used on the high voltage side.
  • “S” type jumpers of sufficient cross section are used in Low voltage connection.
  • Solid packing piece made of 100% wood pulp are used for supporting the low voltage and high voltage coils, which offers sufficient electrical breakdown strength between the windings and earth parts. Also solid packing supports the windings better under short circuit conditions.
  • Proper arrangement for lifting is provided for job as well as tank for proper handling.
  • In addition to the above all the raw materials are conforming to Indian Standards.
  • In all the stage process quality checks are made and in the final testing stage all the routine tests are conducted as per BIS on each and every transformers before dispatch.
  • Type tests are conducted in CPRI Bangalore From time to time (short circuit, high voltage and temperature rise test.